Welcome to IWAIZUMI international. We have established a variety of business relationships in the fields of high-tech products, 3C products, toys, plastic electronics, silicone kitchenware, promotional gifts, stationery, car accessories, bathroom accessories, luggage, handbag and its related trimmings. And we are always striving for creating a better world.

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Customer contact phone: 136-3170-2750.

Decorative design intent customers through online, telephone, may also make an appointment directly in the design team satisfied with designer home, customer service will be the first time to respond to your request, for your dedicated service.

If a customer wants to buy iwaizumi international branded products directly, please contact our sales staff.

For you to carefully select the right designer to design, at the same time with the depth of customer communication to listen to the needs of customers, tailor-made for customers green, beautiful appearance, easy-to-use and safe and practical products. Designers and technicians to carry out in-depth research, drawing 2D floor plan or 3D stereo diagram model, the initial design of the project to confirm the budget cost to the customer.

The both sides reached agreement, the customer signed a cooperation agreement with our company pay the design or mold fee deposit, the designer for further optimization design and provide the plan effect chart, and according to the final design effect chart to provide a quotation form.

According to the customer's ideas and requirements, our designers will provide you with the best, professional design and detailed manufacturing cost budget, customer confirmation program will be signed with the Rock Spring International project Cooperation Agreement. After the customer confirms the design and the quotation, the two sides sign the sales contract.

For all projects we will set up a project team, by the Secretary of our project in the receipt of the full sample fees and 50% of large production deposit after the start. Project team in charge of the project during the production of scientific control, 9S on-site management, phased acceptance, supervision of product quality, strict control of the production of large goods progress, find problems in a timely manner, according to the quality of operation.

Large goods delivery acceptance of quality and quantity, according to the national and industry standards for the overall acceptance. If there are unqualified or substandard products, within the agreed period of the two sides to carry out rectification to meet the acceptance criteria. Acceptance through the signing of acceptance orders for the end of large cargo settlement.
If the customer is a direct purchase of our brand products, we will provide you with the relevant documents (such as product instructions, warranty card, etc.) to facilitate the use of our products customers. Regular visits to customers, if the customer is directly to buy our brand products, we will provide you with 1 years of free warranty service.


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    Recently, lawbreaker steal our staff contact information, and pretending to by our company name carry out receivable agents scams.

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    The internet from scratch, from the from trouble to glory and become our life is an integral part of because the Internet or e-commerce has brought convenience to people's lives. The twenty-first century is share economy, that you share with me, and I in you.

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    What is the ad? Advertising is a to specific needs, through some form of media for the carrier to open and be made widely available to the public as a means of passing information. In particular commercial advertising, usually commodity producers, operators and consumers are important means between message, or enterprise market and promote your products, provide important forms of labor, main purpose is to increase economic efficiency.

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