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All the information, files, products, services, trademarks, logos, graphics and pictures (hereinafter referred to INFORMATION) provided by this website are copyrighted or registered trademarks of IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL and its business alliance (hereinafter referred to as "IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL") No one shall use the data of the site without the permission of IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL.

IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL will grant limited access to the information for users. Only on their personal computers for the purposes of personal use to display the above mentioned information.

Users should be aware that, without the written consent of IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL, the user may not use any information provided by IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL for other purpose. Users should strictly abide to the rule of not copying, distributing, selling, publishing, broadcasting or transacting any information included to any one (including people who is in the same company or organization of the user). Users may not be allowed to post the contents of this site in newsgroups, mailing lists or bulletin board. Users are not entitled to modify, edit, change or add any other information in this document without written consent of IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL. If you have violated any provision of these Terms, IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL is entitled to terminate your use of site and without prior notice to the user. Once terminated, IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to destroy relevant registration information of the user without any notice.

You agree that you will not create any STRUTURE or IMAGE that contains any information of the site or other companies on any other server of internet-based device without the prior written permission of IWAIZUMI or its authorized representatives.

This site can be linked to other websites that not are not controlled or maintained by IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL. Such links do not mean that IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL has given its authorization of such kind of sites. Such kind of links provided by IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL is only for the purpose of your convenience and is not responsible for the content of these sites.

Some areas of this site are only open to the certified users, called authentication area ("certification plate"). If the user is a certified user of such plate, it takes full responsibility of the confidentiality of the user passwords and account information and agrees that if a user's password is lost, stolen, or disclosed to an unauthorized third party, or account security is threatened, you should immediately notify Iwaizumi International. User is fully responsible for all activities and events of its account, including any costs raised on the user's password-protected account, regardless of whether the user is an individual or not. Any unauthorized use of the user account or any events that endangers the site or other related user account shall be fully counted into the responsibility of the users and shall notify IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL immediately.

Users should understand that the content provided by the site is for your convenience, there may be some errors which will affect the quality of the information as well as the content of a third-party or mere typographical errors. IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL shall not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information or the content of a third-party. Meanwhile, IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL is not responsible for any omission of the information or content of a third-party, whether it is caused by IWAIZUMI or its alliance.


The services and information is only for customers of IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL and for the purpose of convenience. Iwaizumi International did not grant any user the ownership of such services and information. Iwaizumi International cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information of this site and other events on other servers. Therefore, users should not rely on the services and information provided on this site to buy, sell, trade or deal with any value securities unless we suggest you to do so in written forms. Please kindly note that the information provided here does not meet the requirements of different national regulatory agencies (including, but not limited to, the China Securities Regulatory Commission). Please do not make any investment decision upon the services and information provided here.
Users should understand that the services and information is provided by Iwaizumi International. Meanwhile, IWAIZUMI INTERNATIONAL will make no warranty or promise on the accuracy of the commodity or other purpose to the service or information provided here (whether directly or indirectly).

Range of Liability

IWAIZUMI International will not take any responsibility on the loss requested by user or a third party by copying or downloading the information contained in this site under the maximum extent permitted by law. IWAIZUMI International is not liable for any direct, indirect, potential or special incidental damages (including loss of data, income, profits or other economic loss) of the users or a third party, regardless of how it happened, whether it is caused by illegal or infringing reasons. Even though IWAIZUMI has been warning consumers about the possibility of such kind of losses may be incurred previously.

Laws that is applicable for international users

This site is managed and operated by IWAIZUMI headquarters in China. Any users from outside China shall comply with the terms and the laws and regulations of its own country, including but not limited to the import and export laws of the country on the information as well as any information concerning a third party.

Violation of terms

If a user violates the terms, IWAIZUMI international reserves the right to terminate providing services for users without prior notice or any explanation. IWAIZUMI International will warn users of its improper behavior and recommends that users take the right actions. However, if IWAIZUMI International believes that the behavior is not tolerated, then the user's default behavior will directly lead to his termination of service enjoyed in this site.

IWAIZUMI International and its authorized representatives can make any improvement or changes on the services provided as well the prices. If the changes have been made without any notification and agreed by users, IWAIZUMI International can change the terms in any time in the forms of starting a post.

If users continue to use this site after the amendment, it is deemed that users agree to these modified Terms of Service. Any behavior associated with this site shall be restrained by Chinese laws. Any disputes generated in the process of using the site as well as the Terms of Service shall be submitted to the Hong Kong Arbitration committee for arbitration based on the relative arbitration rules. The arbitral award is final and with the power of binding both parties.

If IWAIZUMI International failed to exercise any right or terms under the provisions of this site, it does not constitute as a waiver of such rights or provisions unless acknowledged and agreed by IWAIZUMI International in written forms.

The Terms constitute the entire agreement between users and IWAIZUMI International concerning the webmaster services, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions or agreements( if exists) reached between the parties concerning the subjects.

About IWAIZUMI International Trademarks
"IWAIZUMI", "欣宜車居SINYCHEJU ", "Dominical","iwaizumiltd.com", "iwaizumi.cn", "iwaizumi.hk" are the trademarks registered by IWAIZUMI in China and other countries and are strictly prohibited using or copying without permission

Any disputes incurred by the announcement or using the site are applicable for PRC laws.

Any disputes generated in the process of using the site as well as the Terms of Service shall be negotiated by both parties, if cannot be solved, shall be submitted to the Beijing Arbitration committee for arbitration based on the relative arbitration rules. The arbitral award is final and with the power of binding both parties.


Each company of IWAIZUMI International Business Alliance is a separate legal entity. IWAIZUMI does not belong to legal entities but short for several companies joined together for historical reasons. Therefore, please do not mistakenly recognize IWAIZUMI as one of the companies with similar name IWAIZUMI. What’s important, please kindly be noted that any company of the alliance cannot on behalf of other company to accept or receive service process, unless they agree to assume the responsibility issued by a written agreement. No legal relationship has been established between any two companies by this site.