Farm Products

Agriculture is the Foundation of our national economy, and human sources of food and clothing, to survive this.In the late 20th century 60-90 years,The basic position of agriculture in our country is still fragile,Agricultural development speed is lagging behind,Agriculture remains the weak link of restrict economic development:Low technology, low labour productivity, agricultural infrastructure is weak, anti-disaster ability is poor.But in the 21st century 2000-2015 years,China's agricultural productivity growth,And there have been some with certain scale of agro-businesses,IWAIZUMI International at the beginning of the establishment has been in the planning of agricultural industrial chain layout.We attached great importance to the healthy development of the entire agricultural industry chain:Strict control and regulation of agricultural products of the seeding link,Daily management of the farm, processing production link, agricultural products packaging, a variety of channels of circulation, and in order to achieve the purpose of a virtuous cycle.
With the accelerated pace of social life and pressures brought about by the working environment, our quality of life and health is in an unprecedented crisis. Especially in the aspect of eating, food security presence crisis of confidence. A crisis of confidence in food safety survey dated on May 14th in year 2013 shows that 96.22% of the people are doubt of food safety. More than 80 percents of people regard that lacking of supervision leads to a high incidence of food safety incidents, while 53.02 percents of people think that we should punish those who misconduct the regulatory in food safety. In fact, we should pay more attention to the quality of life no matter in food, daily necessities and living environment.IWAIZUMI, as one of the leading manufactures in agricultural products, is very strict with food quality in every process.We have the ability to also have a responsibility to protect our consumers ' food safety; Our first of all mention of agro 5-rings" regulatory system [Note: agricultural products seeding link, Daily management of the farm, processing production link, agricultural products packaging link, a variety of channels of circulation, collectively, the “agro 5-rings” regulatory system] As we laid a solid foundation of agriculture, but also greatly enhanced our healthy eating and food safety of the consumer.
Confucius said: "from time to time, not food" is to say: do not meet the time or season fruits and vegetables, try not to eat.And now, the material improvement of living standards and the development of science and technology,What do we want to eat what they eat,When do we want to eat when we eat ;be sure to succeed easily,get one's own way,Off-season food is everywhere ;People eat food style renovation.This situation with the“Disease enters by the mouth”that correspond,Because people the diet is not eating well,not eating right,coupled with the lack of movement,Then the disease is will not show up uninvited.So we should pay attention to our nation " from time to time, not food " Tradition,don't lost your nerve,Not to blind worship of Western eating habits.iwaizumi international is therefore always holds that " from time to time, not food " tradition. In the area of agriculture, we main business agricultural products are: seasonal vegetables,fruits,cereal,fungi and season tonic food set meal class.
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