Privacy Policy

The website of IWAIZUMI International (short for IWAIZUMI) is registered and operated in HK by IWAIZUMI International (HK) Co., Ltd and the registration No. is 1448036. This policy applies to the personal information collected and used by IWAIZUMI or any other business alliance of IWAIZUMI. A complete list of IWAIZUMI alliance companies will be provided per your requests.
Relevant provisions have been made on how to use and protect the information provided by you. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please kindly contact us directly.
One of our basic policies is to protect the user’s privacy. We will not disclose or provide any registration data of our users and any non-public data stored on the website by browsing the site to anyone else with the following exceptions:
a)       Authorized by our users in advance.
b)       Per the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
c)        Per the requests of relevant government authorities.
d)       To safeguard the public interest.
e)       To protect the legitimate interests of the site.
If there are any changes, we will update our website accordingly. Please feel free to check our site to ensure that you know and agree with this policy.
How do we use your information?
The information we requested and used is only subjected to the basic information of the products as well as the services you needed or services you may get interested in. We will carry out routine management by your IP address (Determining the browsers you used by assigning a unique number bits, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer) and solve the problems through our servers and provide you with better services.
We many cooperate with other companies to provide you with related services. In this case, if the Company agrees to take equal responsibilities to protect the privacy of users, we will provide your registration data to it after your permission.
Cookie Technology
We will send COOKIE to your computer by our browser. Thousands of websites are using COOKIE to enrich your online experience. COOKIE is a kind of small data file, it assigns a unique anonymous digital to your browser by your network server and then stored on the hard drive of your computer. It will not damage or read any information on your hard drive and make your online experience more fun by storing your passwords and numbers.
You can change browser settings to reject the entire COOKIE or get informed when COOKIE is stored in the hard disk. However, if you choose not to accept the COOKIE, you have to re-enter the information and it will affect your online experience by taking extra time.
Whom do we disclose your personal information?
We will not disclose, sell or rent your personal information to anyone else without your prior permission. We may disclose your personal information if required by law under special conditions, such as something related to litigation or other legal process. If your personal information is requested to be open to public, then we will make sure your confidentiality is protected by taking proper commercial measures, such as prohibiting the usage of personal information for commercial purposes.
In addition, we may disclose some information related with you if requested or right for the purpose of protecting the rights and property of IWAIZUMI and its employees and for the safety and health of IWAIZUMI people as well as the public. 
User Communication contents
IWAIZUMI is not responsible for monitoring or checking any information sent or posted on the sites by users, including information transferred by chatting room, bulletin boards or other forums. Besides, the information you submitted to public areas may be collected and used by others to offer you information or for other purposes. We will not take any responsibilities to the contents of your communication, Regardless of whether they may raise problems of defamation, privacy, obscenity or others. We will reserve the right to delete the information of insult, defamation, obscenity or other unhealthy contents.
Website links of IWAIZUMI alliance
This site contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy measures of other websites. We kindly suggest you to pay more attention to the privacy statements of each site concerning the collection of personal information when leaving our websites. This privacy statement applies solely to the information collected by this website.
How we handle personal information of minors?
The users we served are not including minors (anyone under 18 years old). We will not collect the information of those who under 18 year old and at the same time we encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s use of this site. Minors who are under 18 years old cannot offer information to this site unless they are permitted to do so by their parents or legal guardians to assist in the implementation of our “Privacy Statement”.
How users revise, change or view their personal information?
If you want to get, modify or delete your personal information, please contact us through the contact window in our website. If you request to delete some of your personal information, you can check and decide whether your personal information will continue to be stored in the records and archives of IWAIZUMI, and we will not use the information for commercial purposes. If you violated the service terms of this site and was suspended, restricted or terminated the access to the site, IWAIZUMI reserves the right to delete your personal information after terminating the service.
Information Protection
IWAIZUMI will maintain the confidentiality of the information collected. By narrowing down the user access to the above information and establishing good internal mechanisms to better protect the security and confidentiality of the information.
User Database
Other information except the information can be used to identify a user is regarded as non-confidential and non-propriety. IWAIZUMI international will not take any responsibility of such kind of information. Meanwhile if the information you submitted without special statement, it will be considered that we have your acceptation and authorization to the excess of the information.
IWAZUMI and anyone get the authorization can copy, disclose, distribute, combine and make use of all the information, pictures, sounds, texts and other information by other means for business purpose or non-business purpose freely. You shall not be contrary to the laws, regulations and public morals and not post or send any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other illegal material to or from this website. If any evidence of a warning or objection was provided by related people concerning content or effect of the information, we can delete the content or information at any time and terminate its publishing online permanently without the consent of the publisher and do not take the responsibility to inform the submitter later on. Serious enough, we can cancel the user account. IWAIZUMI reserves the right to revise or update the privacy policy of the site.
Any disputes aroused by this statement or the use of the website applied to PRC laws.
Each company of IWAIZUMI International Business Alliance is a separate legal entity. IWAIZUMI does not belong to legal entities but short for several companies joined together for historical reasons. Therefore, please do not mistakenly recognize IWAIZUMI as one of the companies with similar name IWAIZUMI. What’s important, please kindly be noted that any company of the alliance cannot on behalf of other company to accept or receive service process, unless they agree to assume the responsibility issued by a written agreement. No legal relationship has been established between any two companies by this site.
The privacy system has been updated on July.6th, 2016.