Kitchenware Products

With the accelerated pace of social life and pressures brought about by the working environment, our quality of life and health is in an unprecedented crisis. Especially in the aspect of eating, food security presence crisis of confidence. A crisis of confidence in food safety survey dated on May 14th in year 2013 shows that 96.22% of the people are doubt of food safety. More than 80 percents of people regard that lacking of supervision leads to a high incidence of food safety incidents, while 53.02 percents of people think that we should punish those who misconduct the regulatory in food safety. In fact, we should pay more attention to the quality of life no matter in food, daily necessities and living environment. IWAIZUMI, as one of the leading manufactures in silicone kitchenware, is very strict with product quality in every process. We would not let go any defects in the process of raw material selection, R&D in product form, tooling design and making, sample making, environmental testing, mass production and packaging .Therefore, the products we designed and produced are not only beautiful and unique, simple and elegant but also excellent in quality and improve people's quality of life. By Cohering the brand strength of IWAIZUMI®, we will create eternal values for IWAIZUMI ® !

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