ANGICHI® Brand Meaning
The brand was conceived and created independently by the founder. The inspiration comes from my heartfelt love for bicycles and the experience of riding them. Bicycle is the most efficient way of human transportation. The ANGICHI logo consists of a bicycle gear, the sky, mountains and a person riding on a road with the ANGICHI logo on it (a simplified graphic of a person and a bicycle). The graphic shows that we can provide a wide range of bicycle products and reliable services, but also because cycling can bring people a lot of fun. Therefore, ANGICHI is not just a name. From the very beginning, it was the sum of many meanings.
ANGICHI® Brand Spirit
A is for angelic, a truly pure heart.
N is for notable, distinguished feats.
is for goal, your eye on the future.
is for innovator, always improving.
C is for compatible, a friend's friend.
H is for hope, the encouragement you give.
is for impressive, your list of qualities.