3C Products

Every one cares about the protection for mobile office equipment, portable input and battery endurance under such an increasingly competitive international environment today, no matter you are a business manager or not. For those who travel frequently for business, the protection, portability and battery life input for mobile phone, Tablet, camera, Laptops and other mobile office equipment is particularly important. Same as usual, IWAIZUMI International pays more attention to the needs of our customers and introduces a series of commercial cell phone protective cover, Tablet PC cover, camera bag, laptop bag, wireless keyboard, charger and mouse, mouse pads, headsets, mobile storage devices, silicone electronic organ, silicone watch, keyboard protective film, mobile phone cleaner and other products. This series are famous for their compact, ultimate thin and light portable characteristics, human engineering mechanics design. Besides, they are environmentally friendly, cost saving, innovative and powerful to meets different needs of office and entertainment.

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