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The Internet from scratch, from the From trouble to glory and become our life is an integral part of Because the Internet or e-commerce has brought convenience to people's lives. The twenty-first century is share economy, that you share with me, and I in you.
In order to adapt to the Internet or e-commerce development of new trends and technical requirements, Our corporate web sites by a single PC end with changed to PC+ iPad + Phone Client three in one Responsive site. Innovation for you, IWAIZUMI- Official Website three in one responsive website give to our customers excellent browsing experience and shopping experience. Our official website meets W3C standards compliant pages specification, JAVA SCRIPT code specification, web site page displays multiple browser compatibility, security web site in a multi-browser, multi-language display properly. The most popular with html5+css3+  responsive design and test through 360 network; green, healthy and safe IWAIZUMI- enterprises official website can rest assured browsing.
Please note iwaizumi- corporate official website of the primary domain name has three pieces:, and
IWAIZUMI- Corporate official Website inside link the web site are Iwaizumi International related group web site, you can browse and shop with confidence.